This housewife makes over $ 1,000,000 a month.




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This housewife makes over $ 1,000,000 a month.
She makes millions of dollars doing almost nothing. CNN interviewed her how she does it, in the end she named 5 services with which she makes passive income.
Below we will give an excerpt from her interview and list 5 services on which she makes millions of dollars without doing anything.
An excerpt from the interview: “… I am sure that I was very lucky, this is much cooler than the lottery, because I am confident in the future,
because every day I earn more than $ 35,000 and for this I only invested $ 5000, $ 1000 in each of five services and pressed the start button …
there is nothing easier how to invest and press the start button and then every day receive tens of thousands of dollars of passive income … ”
Five services on which a housewife earns millions of dollars a month by investing once and pressing the start button:
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